Who are we? Get to know us here.

Christian Credit Development (CCD) was founded in 1999.  CCD is a vital 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that attempts to moderate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available outreach services for the underserved youth population of Philadelphia, PA.

Christian Credit Development:

​CCD shows love on and off the football field and basketball court, we seek to give youth hope and help build on their dreams that can become a reality.

Our Mission: CCD is accomplished by implementation of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus.

Meet The Administration
  1. Dr. M.W. Couch, D.Min
  2. Leo Mota
    Head Coach
  3. Mike Resto
    Asst. Coach
  4. Al Maldonaldo
    Asst. Coach
  5. Malachi Couch
    Investment Coach